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When scouting locations for our custom new homes, we consider the needs and wants of potential buyers in this location. What size and style home will work best on these home sites? How will our handcrafted homes blend into the landscape?  What are the best services and utilities provided to homeowners in the community? Then, we carefully map out a functional and pleasing land plan before our new home craftsmen begin building homes.

Our communities are located in the most desirable areas throughout the Triangle region of North Carolina. From Durham, to North Raleigh, to Wake Forest, we're likely building exactly where you want to live.

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Barrington, Rolesville NC frame


From the $400s
2503 to 3055 sq. ft.

Camberly, Wake Forest NC frame


From the high $600s
to sq. ft.

Crestview, Raleigh NC frame


From the mid-$700s
3655 to 3790 sq. ft.

Falls Reserve, Raleigh NC frame

Falls Reserve

From the $900s
4000 to 4400 sq. ft.

Jackson Manor, Wake Forest NC frame

Jackson Manor

From the $500s
3026 to 4397 sq. ft.

Kingston, Wake Forest NC frame


From the $380s
2424 to 3578 sq. ft.

Perry Farms, Rolesville NC frame

Perry Farms

Single Family homes from the $400s
2500 to 3500 sq. ft.

The Bluffs at Joyner Park, Wake Forest NC frame

The Bluffs at Joyner Park

From the high-$200s
2038 to 2570 sq. ft.

Winsford at the Park, Durham NC frame

Winsford at the Park

From the $200s
1607 to 1820 sq. ft.

Yardley, Wake Forest NC frame


Single Family homes from the $380s
2200 to 3000 sq. ft.

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