How to Decorate Your New Home with Pets in Mind

Published by JordanBuilt Homes

How to Decorate Your New Home with Pets in Mind

It’s no secret that the furry members of our household are part of the family, too! It is so fun to watch their personalities play out in various situations throughout the day and taking care of them is a huge priority for a lot of folks! Here are some helpful tips that will keep your home safe and clean while also creating a healthy place for your pets to live:

  • Keep breakables away from the pet’s area- or vice versa: This may seem like a no-brainer, but people forget to move their breakables out of their pet’s free-reign domain all the time! That precious crystal vase from your grandmother? Put it on a higher, sturdy shelf in the kitchen for display. The irreplaceable family photo album?  Store it in a compartment in a side table or storage ottoman.  Most pets don’t mean to cause trouble, but their free play near precious items is just a disaster waiting to happen!
  • Be mindful of what flooring is in your home: We all know that pet accidents happen- we all just hope and pray they don’t happen on your brand new carpet! Keep this in mind when thinking about what kind of flooring you’d like in your home and do your research about the pros and cons of flooring­­­.
  • Save the messy treats for outdoors: Rawhides and chewy crumbly treats can be a mess to clean up. Keep those as an outside snack and protect your floors!
  • Stay away from light or dark furniture: Depending on your pet’s fur color:  If your pet has white hair, chances are you’ll be constantly lint-rolling over the furniture trying to keep it hair-free! Choose a textured, neutral colored couch that will hide the fur and keep you from wearing yourself out with constant rolling!
  • Choose your paint carefully: Flat-finish paint shows everything smudge, smear, and bump-up.  When selecting a paint color, go for an eggshell or satin finish. This finish is more stain-resistant and is much easier to clean if need be!
  • Find cute pet beds that go with your home décor: The marketplace has so many new and adorable products that cater just to your furry family members, we are certain you’ll be able to find a pet bed that won’t distract from your home’s décor.

Give your pups and cats a fun and healthy environment to live in in one of our new home communities near Raleigh, NC! We have many available new homes that are ready for you and your whole family-the furry ones included!