Most Requested Gifts for Newlyweds

Published by JordanBuilt Homes

Most Requested Gifts for Newlyweds

It’s wedding season and the save the dates are filling up your fridge!  It can be hard to decide which gift to purchase from a registry. Here’s a list of the most requested and useful gifts to give newlyweds a great start in their new home and marriage:

  1. Glass Bowls- Classic, stackable bowls are great for mixing and baking, but also look lovely on the table when entertaining.  This space-saving, multi-functional gift is a must.
  2. Pyrex Take-and-Go Set- Perfect for casserole making and taking!  These will get a lot of miles in the kitchen and on the road.
  3. Cake Dome-  This is a fun gift that couples might not think to put on their registry, but they are always thankful when they receive them!  The best part is that these handy cake displays come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, so you can get the one that matches the couples’ style and personalities.
  4. Cupcake Carrier- Another take and go option, it is definitely a must.  Think of the countless birthday parties, work functions, and potlucks this cupcake carrier will serve!
  5. Non-Skid, Nesting Mixing Bowl Set-  There are a ton of options for non-skid mixing bowls, but the X-Chef stainless steel set is our favorite.  Again, depending on how often the couple bakes, cooks, etc., will determine how much value you’ll put into this gift.
  6. Rubbermaid Storage Container- Is it just us or is there never enough plastic food storage?  Go ahead and love on the lucky newlyweds and give them the giant set with easy to find lids!
  7. Bar Tool and Ice Bucket Set- This gift is great for a stock the bar shower or for any couple that loves crafting their own cocktails!  It is also a great starter gift that is super classy and fun.
  8. Big Wooden Cutting Board- Get a cutting board large enough to carve a turkey on- we’re not kidding!  A cutting board is one of the most used items in the kitchen!
  9. Dutch Oven or French Oven- Dutch ovens are another one of those gifts that couples often forget to include on their registry or feel they are too expensive to ask for. They are invaluable tools that can cook so many different meals- and they don’t have to break the bank!
  10. Stand-Mixer Ice Cream Attachment- If you want the award for coolest gift, get them the ice cream attachment for their stand mixer!
  11. Nice Set of Luggage-  Consider going in on a nice luggage set with a few other people to make it more economical.
  12. Instant Read Thermometer- Small but mighty, an instant read thermometer is an invaluable gadget to have in the kitchen.
  13. Oven to Table Bakeware-  Make entertaining easy with pretty oven to table bakeware.  Easier clean up too!
  14. Chef’s Knife- A stellar chef’s knife is so important to have in each and every kitchen.  They can be a little tricky to pick out, so do a bit of research and then make your purchase!
  15. Immersion Blender- A spin on the classic wedding gift!  No pun intended.  

Are there any gifts that you would add to this list? We understand how important it is to have a new house feel like home!  That’s why we are committed to creating beautiful and comfortable new home communities near Raleigh, NC. Check out our available new homes near the Triangle and contact us with questions!