The JordanBuilt Story

Founder Mike Jordan launched JordanBuilt Homes more than twenty years ago—a family business with a simple mission: to build high-quality homes for families just like his. Buyers loved having customized options to fit their lifestyles and needs, and JordanBuilt grew. We grew because we listened to our buyers, staying current with technology, amenities and updated floorplans as well as building on ample lots in great locations.


To date, we’ve built more than 1,800 homes and employ twenty people in two divisions. But the important things have stayed the same. Mike Jordan cares for his homeowners and employees like family. And the original mission? Unchanged. High quality homes for families who really live in them and plan to stay for a while. So if you’re asking “Why Jordan Built?”, you might ask instead “How” are we built? JordanBuilt Homes are….



Thoughtfully Built

Brian Herring, chief operating officer, and his team are thoughtful. They think about where to build, what to build and why they’re building it. Whether it’s a more functional kitchen or an outdoor living space made for entertaining, they’re thinking about how homeowners live today.

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Quality Built

Buddy Tripp is our VP of construction. He and his team of project managers work hand-in-hand with every single homeowner, asking and answering questions and double-checking quality—from the foundation and framing to the finer details like crown molding, faucets and finishes.

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Efficiently Built

Blake Whitaker, director of purchasing, and his team are watchdogs. Why? By scrutinizing costs, we pass the savings down to you. The goal is always a high quality home at the best value. The smarter and more efficient we are with costs, the more you can have—whether in space, interior details or outdoor amenities.

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Carefully Built

Heidi del Real, director of pre & post construction, carefully pulls it all together and keeps all the teams on the same page—from the plan selection to the closing table through the warranty period. She works closely with your project manager to ensure your home is quality-built, constructed with attention to every detail.

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Tastefully Built

Mary Metcalf, director of design, works tirelessly with each and every homeowner. You’ll fall in love with how your dream home comes together when you have a little help with the fun stuff—choosing paint, flooring, cabinetry, countertops and fixtures.

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Locally Built

Cress Bell’s advanced construction management skills are put to good use in his position of director of JordanBuilt Homes coastal division. He not only oversees contractors to ensure a quality-built home, but he is well-acquainted with home styles and floorplans that work and live well with a coastal lifestyle, offering helpful suggestions while keeping your personal style in mind. Regardless of whether you’re building your home in the Triangle or Wilmington, NC, you’ll have hands-on representation.

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At JordanBuilt, we work hard but we also work smart, building the home that’s right for you. Stop by today and talk with us; explore the options and the quality that JordanBuilt offers. Come see us; we’d love to build the home you’ve been dreaming about.

JordanBuilt Homes offers luxury custom homes and townhomes in the Raleigh-Durham area, including North Raleigh, Cary, Clayton, Rolesville, Research Triangle Park, Durham, Knightdale, Wake Forest and Chatham County. We recently expanded our region, now building homes in the coastal-metro area of Wilmington, NC.